RK Power Engineering provides the following services:

RK Power Engineering provides electrical equipment testing services and short circuit, coordination, arc flash, load flow & harmonic studies.

As an independent third-party testing company, RK Power Engineering has extensive experience in performing electrical acceptance and maintenance testing services.

Testing services provided:

• High Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing:
        • Static Contact Resistance
        • Dynamic Contact Resistance
        • Coil/Motor Current Analysis
        • Motion/Contact Travel
        • Trip/Close Coil Minimum Pick-Up

• Microprocessor Based Relay:
        • Relay programming for protection, control and communication
        • Relay function testing

• Recloser Testing:
        • Recloser controller programming for protection, control and communication
        • Recloser and Controller Testing

• Power Transformer Testing:
        • Power / dissipation factor (fixed and/or variable frequency)
        • Transformer Excitation Current
        • Leakage Reactance / Short Circuit Impedance (for assessing possible damage/displacement of windings)
        • Transformer Turns Ratio (TTR)
        • DC winding resistance measurement and OLTC (On Load Tap Changer) verification
        • Core Demagnetization
        • Insulation Resistance
        • Bushing: Power / dissipation factor + insulation capacitance
        • Surge Arrestors: leakage current and watt losses
        • Insulation Fluid

• Generator Testing:
        • Power / dissipation factor tip-up
        • DC Winding Resistance

• Cable Testing:
        • DC High Voltage Withstand
        • AC Very Low Frequency (VLF) High Voltage Withstand
        • Tan Delta
        • Insulation Resistance

• Circuit Breaker Testing
• Relay Test and Calibration
• DC Battery Impedance and Load Test
• Ground Fault Performance Certification
• Ground Resistance Testing
• Transducer Test and Calibration
• Current, Potential Transformer Testing
• Power Meter / Energy Meter Testing
• Motors/Motor Control Center Testing
• Power Quality Analysis/Load Recording
• Circuit and Print Verification


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